Data Digerati Ltd is a US-headquartered provider of IT consulting services and custom software development with many IT professionals located internationally.

For over many years we’ve been bringing custom and platform-based solutions to large and midsized companies in Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom and other industries. Walmart, Nestle, eBay, NASA JPL, T-Mobile, Baxter, M&T bank along with other influencers rely on our solutions in their daily operations.

With the background rooted in science, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it in the areas of CRM, Data Analysis, Collaboration & Knowledge Management and Information Security. As part of this journey, we partnered with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Magento, ServiceNow, Episerver and more tech leaders to ensure that our clients will benefit from steady reliability and originality across solutions.

Currently, we are recognized with many Competencies – Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, Datacenter, Data Platform, Cloud Platform, and Messaging. 

The core of our client operations is made up of our US headquarters in McKinney, TX, and EU office in Vantaa, Finland. At the same time, the major development center in Eastern Europe is our hub of technological expertise in Process Automation, Mobility, Portals, Cloud and other disciplines. From here, our teams nurture and apply their competencies worldwide.

Data Digerati Ltd is an active supporter and promoter of sustainability improvements. Since 2019, Data Digerati Ltd is officially involved in the UN Global Impact Init